Reporting sick

Are you sick and unable to work? Unfortunately, that can happen. At Logistic Team we have clear rules and agreements about reporting sick and sick leave. If you are ill, you should call in sick as follows:

Step 1: You must report sick leave in person before commencing work by sending a text message to the Looije Verpakkingen emergency line, at  
Telephone nr: 06-10913082. In your text message you mention: your name, the company you work for and the starting time.

Step 2: Then you report sick *in person by calling Logistic Team, between 8:00am and latest 9:30am, on phone number: 0174-503379.

Please note! You should always call in sick at Logistic Team in person. If you fail to do so, your sick leave report will not be processed. A sick leave report sent by text message or WhatsApp will not be accepted as a legally valid report.
Leave of absence applications during sick leave will only be accepted after a personal interview.

Step 3: Logistic Team will contact you the same day.

After these steps, we will make agreements on further management and counselling. It is important that you always comply with the agreements!
Due care in processing privacy-sensitive data will be assured and both Logistic Team and Acture comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) at all times.

Sick leave registration and reintegration
Logistic Team has transferred the implementation of the sickness benefits to Acture. Acture is responsible for sick leave administration, sick leave management and monitoring and reintegration into (suitable) work.

Who pays your sick pay
Who pays the sick pay depends on the contract you have. For more information about this, see the absence regulations that apply to your contract.

Reporting return to work
There will hopefully come a day when you feel better and can go back to work. We'd love to hear about that, of course. If you are able to work again, report this to Logistic Team before starting work. 

Questions about absenteeism due to illness?

We can imagine that you still have questions about absenteeism due to illness. Feel free to contact us for any questions!

Download the absenteeism policy here >