Looije Uitzenden will help you on your way

Our focus is on your wishes and we try to map these out as well as possible. Our jobcoaches are our eyes and ears on the floor to pass on your wishes. Working atmosphere, sufficient hours, personal development and a good salary, these are matters that are of paramount importance to us because we know that they are important to you.

Looije Uitzenden listens to your wishes and tries to fulfill these wishes as well as possible. Is your heart within the horticultural, metal or fruit and vegetable sector? Then start your career with us!

A good match

The match has been found. But it doesn't stop there for us. You change and maybe your ambitions too. If you work through us, we will be in regular contact with you. Just checking if you're still happy. Are you not so happy anymore? Then we would like to hear that too! Together with the client, we ensure a little more happiness at work. This can be done by starting a course or by looking for a job that suits your current wishes and ambitions. Because what you like now, you may not like so much in a few years. We will therefore not let you go, but will do everything we can to help you achieve your ambitions.