Personal involvement

Are you wondering how we can arrange a job for you? Thanks to our experience, we know exactly what needs are involved in the sectors in which we operate. We work with a small, experienced team and are personally involved with our clients and our candidates. In this way we know which specific wishes our customers have. We also have a good overview of your talents and can use them in a targeted manner. That makes the big difference!


Not ready for the future yet? We will train you!

Just like you, we want you to find your job and enjoy going to work every day. Even if further training is required. Because the employee of ten years ago is not the same as that of today. At Looije Uitzenden we make sure that you are ready. We train you if the work and your ambitions require it. How do we do that? We offer training opportunities in collaboration with our clients.


100% job guarantee on open vacancies

On this website you will find a very up-to-date overview of vacancies. You can directly apply for one of the open positions. If you meet the job requirements, we guarantee that you can get started! We take that extra step for you.


Register now!

Is your job not among the vacancies? There is a good chance that we can find them within our network! Register without obligation. One of our consultants will make an appointment with you and then do a targeted search for you.

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