Earn €75 bonus!

Do you want to earn a bonus in addition to your salary? By introducing a new employee you can earn €75. Easy right?!

You know better than anyone how we work at Looije Uitzenden and how much fun it is to work for us. You are the ambassador of our company and you know better than anyone how to motivate people to start working for us.

If you know how to motivate people in your network to start working at Looije Uitzenden, you deserve a bonus! The more people you can enthuse to work for us, the higher the bonus!

If you nominate a new employee, we will talk to that person. He or she will have to mention your name in our conversation. Should this person actually start working for us and has he or she worked for at least two months? Then you will receive the well-deserved bonus of 75 euros net on your account!

Thanks to our 100% job guarantee, there is a very good chance that the person you propose can also work for us, so don't wait any longer and look within your network to see who is looking for work.

Do you have questions about our bonussystem?

Then call 0174 - 514 950. We are happy to help you!